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Why wetland restoration is important for Louisiana and how the construction industry can help

Louisiana is home to approximately 40% of all coastal wetlands in the United States. Sadly, the Bayou State is also where 90% of the nation's coastal wetlands disappear each year. In fact, every thirty minutes, Louisiana loses one acre of wetlands!  

Top 3 things to look for when hiring a heavy haul trucking expert

When searching for a company to haul your heavy load, you’ll want to ensure that you’re hiring a reputable contractor. But that's just the beginning. There are 3 important criteria to keep in mind.

Cycle Marine awarded $20M job to repair deck at the Port of New Orleans wharf

Cycle Marine has been awarded a $20M contract to rebuild a failing deck at the Nashville Avenue wharf in the Port of New Orleans, which was the result of deferred maintence over years. Cycle Marine will begin restoring the wharf to optimal load capacity late summer during low-water season.

Cycle Construction Completes "Living Shoreline" in St. Bernard

Cycle Construction recently completed a pilot project for the State of Louisiana to preserve our coastlines by building a "living shoreline" using concrete barriers and oysters. The combination of cement breakwaters and oyster reefs have helped combat wave erosion. Fox8 News recently highlighted the project.